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Scrap Car Guide – How to Determine the Value of Your Old Car

Was your car so much problematic that at some point you were compelled to park it in your garage and then you did not move it from there for days, months or even years? If yes, it is official that your car qualifies to be in the scrap car category. Most people in this situation feel that […]


Turn an Old Car into Cash: Sell Your Old Car for Scrap

Imagine how many cars you would have when you’re 70 years old if you’ve been buying cars since 21 and have never sold any of them? No matter how much space you have in your garage, you will be forced to get rid of your old cars at some point. Maybe you could decide to […]

How to Get Rid of Your Old Car to Scrap Car Buyers

How to Get Rid of Your Old Car to Scrap Car Buyers

Nobody wants to get rid of their car until it lays abandoned in their garage for months or even years. If you are wondering how to scrap your old vehicle Read on to find out. About 6 million used cars are sold in the UK every year and about 1.5 million are scrapped. The EU […]

Ideal Ways to Sell Old Bmw's

5 Ways to Sell Old BMW’s

How useful is your old BMW to you when it’s sitting in your backyard and rusting away day by day? Instead of letting your vehicle rot away and diminish in value, it is better for you to sell it as early as possible. When you leave your BMW for years without any servicing, many things […]

Sell My Toyota Prius

Sell My Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the first petrol-electric hybrid car to be introduced on a mass scale. The first model hit the market in 1997 and set the stage for a more futuristic way of driving. With lower running costs and less harmful emissions, this cleverly designed car has been a popular choice with the shrewd […]

Sell Old BMW

Is Your Mercedes ML Still a Good Investment?

Introduced in 1997 with the 1998 model, the Mercedes ML – also known as the M-Class – is a pioneer of the high-end SUV market. Its chunky, muscular design quickly captured the public imagination and spawned a number of rivals. American in spirit, the Mercedes ML has gone through three design generations, and has been […]


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